Fun for Fido in Arlington VA – Arlington VA Real Estate

Published on April 17, 2016

Fun for Fido in Arlington VA – Arlington VA Real Estate


Fun for Fido – Arlington VA Dog Parks

Sammy basking in the sun.

I’m a big believer that Fido is as much a part of the family as anyone else. So when you’re looking for Arlington VA real estate, this could equate to proper flooring for Fido, a fenced-in back yard or (if Fido is elderly and having health issues) a nearby vet.

For the purpose of today’s blog and zooming in to something our community proudly boasts, let’s look at dog parks.

Arlington is full of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the local scenery. For those of you with furry babies in tow, fear not, for dog parks are a plenty.


The area houses eight total dog friendly areas with six of them being fully fenced. These fenced options feature off-leash areas where pups can run free within boundaries.

The area parks that include off leash areas are Utah, Fort Barnard, Towers, Fort Ethan Allen, James Hunter, Shirlington, and Glencarlyn.

Here is a brief overview of each park and what each offers:
Benjamin Banneker Park (6620 North 18th Street, 22205): Fully fenced, separate small and large dog areas, lights for nightime use, closes at 8 p.m., shaded areas, water fountain, benches.
Utah Park (3191 South Utah Street, 22206): Fully fenced, loose gravel terrain, covered shelter, benches, closes at sunset.
Fort Barnard Park (2101 South Pollard Street, 22204): Fully fenced, lights, closes at 9, water fountain.
Towers Park (801 South Scott Street, 22204): Fully fenced, separate large and small dog areas, water fountain, lights, closes at 10 p.m.
Fort Ethan Allen (3829 North Stafford Street, 22207): Fully fenced, water fountain, benches, lights, closes at 7 p.m.
James Hunter Park (1299 North Herndon Street, 22201): Fully fenced, sandy terrain, water fountain, benches, closes at 9 p.m.
Shirlington Park (2601 South Arlington Mill Drive, 22206): Not fully fenced, large, stream access, separate small dog area, closes at sunset.
Glencarlyn Park (301 South Harrison Street, 22204): Not fully fenced, stream access, trails, shaded areas, closes at sunset.
This Arlington VA real estate information courtesy of Aaron Seekford, your Arlington VA real estate agent. For more information on Arlington VA real estate, contact Aaron directly at 703-836-6116.
Fun for Fido in Arlington VA – Arlington VA Real Estate
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