Aaron Seekford is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Virginia and Washington, D.C.  Aaron was licensed as a Realtor in 1995 and became a Certified Real Estate Broker in 2000 (this is like having a CPA license vs. just being an accountant; it’s a higher level of education and designation),  in order to serve his clients better.

Aaron Seekford Arlington VA Real Estate Agent

Tip #1- Before you hire an agent, ask if they are a licensed Broker or Agent/Realtor.  Make sure you are hiring the most knowledgeable representative when buying or selling a property.

In life and business, Aaron Seekford is a man defined by his uniquely driven nature. As a successful entrepreneur and respected businessman, he’s certainly not the type of person who shies away from a challenge. But what people don’t know is that this dynamic individual came from rather humble beginnings. And there’s not a day that goes by when Aaron does not reflect back on his roots with a sincere appreciation for where he is today.

”My father grew up on a farm,” Aaron says. “He didn’t have a lot, but he always had big dreams and a clear vision of success. With that  focus and determination my father taught me through way of example that hard work along with being honest, fearless and trustworthy, anything is possible; but do what you do in order to help others and not yourself!”  He says, “We have all the time in the world to make money, but today is not about you.”

Aaron says, “I will tell you that was damn hard to live by when I was young and foolish.  Now I am just old and foolish.”

On a more serious note, you should know that Aaron will go the extra mile for you and before you hire him or anyone else as your Realtor, ask them one question, “Why do you do, what you do?” and for Aaron that answer is simple- to make sure his clients goals are not just met but exceeded beyond expectation!

That example continues to inspire Aaron each and every day!  It serves as a constant reminder that there is truly no limit to what you can achieve when you work hard and put your mind to doing what you love!

Aaron earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management from the University of South Carolina in 1995, with honors.  He was selected to represent the University and his major, for a class project designed by Aaron and two other classmates.  His leadership follows.

Arlington Realty Inc.

Arlington Realty Inc.,  is a family owned and operated company established in 1984 by, Isaac Seekford and Virginia Smith.   Arlington Realty addresses each of their customers & clients by name and not just another nubmer with a no pressure philosophy!  Our marketing is unsurpassed to the larger firms because we harness the power of SEO- Search Engine Optimization, from Pursuit Troop  and each of our listing get top ranking on Google and are marketed to over 40 websites online and on many local publications.

We ensure your home is seen by the most buyer’s possible for a quick sale at the highest price.  Aside from all of that, Aaron employs a full time media person and web developer to market your property online and offline in as many channels as possible. With over 90% of home buyers starting their search online,  Aaron makes sure your home can be found in as many places as possible.

When marketing your home online the most important thing to get right are the photos. Aaron employs a professional photographer using the latest digital equipment on the market, capturing the best features of your property- all without making the photos look like they are in a fish bowl!  Our photos make a statement and stand out from our competition, click here to see the difference!  Included in our marketing package is customized virtual tour that highlights your homes best features!

Arlington VA Commercial Real Estate Agent

Arlington Commercial Real EstateAaron also works on the commercial side of the real estate market.  Representing clients in Sales and Leases of  land, retail, office and land.

In fact, Aaron was an integral part in negotiating one of the largest land deals in Bailey’s Crossroads with his Aunt, Virginia Seekford Smith. The $300 million dollar apartment complex, was assembled with 13 private residences and vacant land.

From a small mom and pop shop to a multi-million dollar land development, your commercial real estate needs will be handled with the up most professionalism.  Aaron has local knowledge and connections and growing up in the area knows a lot of the building and land owners; so if you are considering buying or selling commercial real estate in Arlington, VA or surrounding areas, Aaron Seekford of Arlington Realty, Inc can advise you with your real estate needs.

When choosing a commercial real estate broker you have to ask yourself, what are the agents credentials? Experience is everything in the commercial real estate world.  Aaron has negotiated commercial deals from large apartment complexes to small businesses.

Aaron owned two restaurants for over 6 years and currently owns several commercial retail buildings that he leases himself and knows what it takes to calculate risk versus reward, ROI and net worth!  Aaron represents his clients as if each purchase, sale or lease were his own and his clients will tell you the same.  Call Aaron today if you would just like a second opinion or need any real estate advice.

Who Is Mr. Arlington?

Aaron Seekford is Mr. Arlington.

Aaron earned  the name, “Mr. Arlington,” thanks to his local upbringing and unmatched knowledge of his hometown.  The difference between hiring a realtor that says, “I know the area,” versus someone who is a seasoned local, can give you the competitive edge when buying or selling a home–particularly in a growing, diverse market.

Aaron became a licensed realtor in 1995. In 2000, he became one of the youngest Realtors in the DC metropolitan area to earn his broker’s license.

NOTE: MrArlington is not a separate company or group. Mr. Arlington/Aaron Seekford works for Arlington Realty, Inc.
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